Unlocking Value, Unleashing Growth

We are Cypress. Your trusted business catalyst that heralds a new level of distinguished corporate services and business solutions, one we affectionately call ‘Value Partnership’.

From statutory compliance solutions such as Audits, Incorporation, Corporate Secretarial Services, Accounting, Tax, HR and Payroll, Litigation Support, Due Diligence, Forensic and Business Process Outsourcing, we will be your strategic affinity partners who will realise your vision with you. Above all else, Cypress is about Leading Partnerships to Generate Growth. We work in tandem with our clients – from multinationals to local businesses – enabling them with foresight, agility, and accuracy to cement their leadership in the world’s fastest growing economy.

Simplify and execute your expansion plans. Create and unlock value. When it comes to leading growth in the region, one trusted family name comes to mind. Go With Cypress. Grow with Cypress.


Your Trusted Family and Partner for Business Growth

We’re in the business of growing businesses. We see institutions, not entities. People and not just numbers. People with aspirations for themselves and their loved ones. People helming organisations, always innovating, embracing challenges, always evolving.

We are your consultants in accounting, tax and compliance. Advisors of full-fledged corporate secretarial solutions. And so much more. Decades of quality, expertise and excellence. All dedicated to one thing: Strengthening your company’s rise, wherever it may be.

At Cypress, We see beyond ledgers and data beyond regulations and compliance.
We see the wonders of sharing knowledge and insights to Upskill and Upscale for people and businesses to envision and grow. Most of all, we see staff as Family, clients as Growth Partners, striding exceptional journeys, unfolding the next chapter of growth together with you. We see ourselves as empowerment to people ammunition to aspirations, innovation to businesses, solutions to challenges, elevation to stature and above all, sincerity to family and partnerships alike.

We are Cypress.
Your Trusted Family and Partner for
Business Growth.


Together, we can shape the future

We’re not just about numbers and compliance. As family, we aspire to grow in deep partnership with you. Embracing the rise of Asia, we are dedicated and ready to lend our unwavering support with our suite of best-in-class compliance and corporate services solutions. Together, we can shape the future of the region, and eventually, the world. Success is only meaningful when we achieve it together.
Our Mission